Config File


The config file by default is at /etc/kereru/config.yml

Generating the Config File

From a root shell, run the Kereru first time setup tool:

# kereru_setup

The tool will ask a series of questions for Kereru configuration and write the config file.

Default options are suggested for most settings which should get you a working config file.

Config Options

Database Options

key meaning default
DatabaseName Name of the database instance kereru
DatabaseUser Name of the database user twitter
DatabasePassword Password for the database user  

Web server Options

key meaning default
WebPort What port number will the application run on 8080
PathToWebRoot Absolute path for the web templates /usr/share/kereru

Email Options

key meaning default
WebHost Host name of the web server, used for password reset emails localhost

Security Options

key meaning default
TLS Controls if the application is running with TLS false
PathToCert Absolute file path to the TLS Certificate, only relevant if ServerTLS is set to True  
PathToKey Absolute file path to the TLS Private key, only relevant if ServerTLS is set to True  
CsrfToken A security token unique to each instance of Kereru set to random unique value by kereru_setup
SecureCookie Should the application mark cookies as secure false

Image and Video Upload Options

key meaning default
UploadPath Absolute path to the uploads directory for images and video /var/kereru/uploads

Twitter API Options

key meaning default
OauthConsumerKey Twitter OAuth 1.0a API Consumer Key  
OauthConsumerSecret Twitter OAuth 1.0a API Consumer Secret  
OauthToken Twitter OAuth 1.0a Token  
OauthTokenSecret Twitter OAuth 1.0a Token Secret  


key meaning default
DebugLevel Level of debug output 1

Multiple Instances

Delay Delay in seconds to wait after scheduled time before sending tweets 0